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Announcing, My New Breakthrough . . .

“Pick-6 Select-Master System”

You Will Receive Computer-Generated Numbers From My  NEW LxGn6 Formula

Learn How My Formula Can Help You Win The Big Jackpot . . .

Dear Friend,

If you are in need of a remarkably easy new way to potentially win the Big Pick-6 Jackpot in your state, then this may be the most exciting news you have ever received!  And, you can do it all by simply using the computer-generated numbers I will give you from my new LxGn6 formula!

Here’s why:

I’m prepared to send you a copy of my new Pick-6 Select-Master System. This includes the secret computer-generated numbers from my new LxGn6 formula. These numbers can mean thousands (potentially even millions of dollars) in Pick-6 Lotto winnings for you. They can quickly help you “Cash In” multiple winning lotto tickets – for big and small amounts.

How?  Please Listen Closely. When you receive my package, you start by following my simple, short and easy-to-read instructions. Then, just match up the correct numbers, and get your lotto ticket. Now, just kick back and wait for the next drawing. You could watch the money come pouring in – week after week, and month after month with a string of winning tickets. This could end your money-worries for good!

"New Discovery Provides Fast Access To Computer-Generated Numbers…”

It wasn’t long ago when I was just like every other lotto player. I hopelessly picked at numbers that never came in.

Then, suddenly everything changed. Late one evening, a few months back, I sat at my computer and keyed in the LxGn6 Formula I had written out on paper. Within seconds it hit – BANG!

It all became crystal clear right before my eyes. This was the answer I had been searching for since 1987. I was practically jumping for joy! But, I didn’t stop there. No way. I kept on working until I had keyed in all the data I had. And, each time I ran my LxGn6 Formula I could hardly believe the results!

I was shocked. Time after time, the numbers practically jumped off the computer screen. I raced to write them all down so I could put together my simple, easy-to-use selection forms. All you had to do was match one number to the next, and
PRESTO – there was your next Pick-6 Lotto number to play!

"Now, It’s Your Turn To Receive These Numbers…”

I must say, I felt very fortunate to discover the LxGn6 Formula. So, I’d like to share my numbers with a small number of Pick-6 lotto players.

For the first time ever, I’m prepared to send you my incredible new Pick-6 Select-Master System. It can help you pick numbers for almost every state Pick-6 game. And, the best part is, you don’t have to own a personal computer – the numbers are already printed out for you!

It is all conveniently printed on easy-to-read sheets.  I’ve organized it by state to help you find your numbers faster.

If you want, you can even use the system to play Pick-6 Lotto games in more than one state!

            "You Can Be Among The First To Receive My                  Ground-Breaking New System…”

I would like you to have one of the first copies of my ground-breaking new system. I’m that sure about it!  So, instead of offering it to you at the regular price of $97.00 (that my publisher wants me to sell this system. In fact, he told me I was crazy to offer it for less than $100.00); I’m going to give you my incredible new system for LESS THAN HALF-PRICE…                                                                              

Just $47.00. But, you can only receive this special LESS THAN HALF-PRICE offer if you act within quickly.

"You Will Receive My Written 100% Money-Back Guarantee"

I am totally confident that you will enjoy playing the Pick-6 Lotto with my breakthrough Pick-6 Select-Master System.

So, I’m going to offer you my 100% Money-Back Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, just return everything within 30-days, and you will receive a complete 100% refund of your fee.

With my 100%Money-Back Guarantee you’ve got nothing to lose, and everything to gain – so don’t delay, send in your order right now.


"Actual Customer Comments On File . . . "

  “Just a short note to thank you and I do thank you from the bottom of my heart” Gloria P, St. Rose, LA

“It is easier to do and understand. Much better than others I have used.”          Ken S., Columbia, IL

           “Your projects are great for making lots of money!!”                                   Howard H., Minneapolis, MN        


"Three (3) Valuable FREE Bonuses - But Only If You Respond Quickly!" 

If I receive your order quickly, you’ll also receive Three (3) Valuable FREE Bonuses:

1. · You’ll receive a FREE copy of brand new LxGn3 Formula generated numbers for Pick-3 Games.

2. · You’ll also receive a FREE copy of brand new LxGn4 Formula generated numbers for Pick-4 Games.

3.   And, you’ll even receive a FREE copy of brand new LxGn5 Formula generated numbers for Pick-5 Lotto Games.

PLUS, you will also receive FREE LxGn Formula generated number updates, as they are made available!

Now, this FREE offer is strictly limited to those who respond quickly, so please take advantage of this FREE offer while you still can.

These LxGn Formula generated numbers are not available anywhere else. So, please send in your order today and receive your (3) FREE Bonuses.

And, best of all, you can also receive my complete system for LESS THAN HALF-PRICE – but only if you act quickly!



Yours For Pick-6 Winnings,
  John F. Abate

P.S. Please don’t lose out – because you can start using my system right-away to pick excellent numbers now. This could be your best chance ever to win the big Pick-6 Lottery in your state!   This a limited and restricted offer, and may be revoked at anytime.

(Please Note: This system is not a lottery, nor an invitation to gamble. No lottery tickets are sold or exchanged. Individual results may vary. Must be 18 or older to order. )

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